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New Brunswick Morning. Handwoven elegant cape in super soft possum and silk mohair.

The base of the cape is a hand dyed heathered soft dusty pink NZ possum/merino. This is an incredibly soft, elegant, high quality wool and one of our luxury fibres.

Possum fibre is 55% warmer than merino fibre, the combination produces a garment with a high warmth to weight ratio. Warmer than cashmere. This wool has 20% possum, making it lightweight and suitable for wear both inside and out. The cape itself only weighs about 320g (11oz).

Four different shades of silk mohair were used to create a gradient across the cape: starting with off white, through the dusty pinks and plum, into moose brown – very much resembling the sky on a frosty morning in the forests of New Brunswick.

Silk mohair is like wearing a cloud, and the combination with the luxury fibre possum makes for an absolutely super soft garment. Both fibres have a fuzzy halo – so the combination is heavenly.

The cape rests on your shoulders as a casual coat, but can also be worn thrown over one side as a wrap. Perfect for an evening out, or snuggling on the sofa or deck. The perfect wrap for an evening wedding reception.

The middle back seam has a Hong Kong finish in viscose that has been hand stitched to avoid loosening.

The cape has been hand washed and brushed, and steam pressed.

Dimensions: width 27″ – 68cm // length w/o fringe 127″ – 324cm // fringe 4″ – 10cm.

Materials: Silk mohair on Possum NZ merino. Hand twisted fringe. Hand wash only. No iron. Brush when wet, let dry, brush, steam finish.

Belt not included.

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