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Artichoke Falls. Handwoven shawl in the softness of silk mohair.

Colour blocking in shades of artichoke purple and dusty blue. The warp is a variegated lambswool hand dyed in shades of grey, blue and purple.

Can be wrapped as a shawl, used as a lap cover at the sofa, worn tied in a French knot or traditional tie.

Lambswool is taken from the first shearing of a sheep, usually when it’s around 7 months old. The fibres are usually no longer than 50mm which makes them very fine and very soft. Because it’s the first shearing, lambswool is produced in much smaller numbers which makes it more expensive than a lot of other wools.

Silk mohair is like wearing a cloud, and the combination with the fine lambswool makes for an absolutely super soft garment.

The shawl is extremely soft, drapey and warm.

The shawl has been hand washed and dried, then steamed and brushed.

Dimensions: width 13 3/4″ – 35cm // length w/o fringe 60 1/2″ – 154cm // fringe 5″ – 13cm.

Materials: Silk mohair on lambswool. Hand twisted fringe. Gentle hand wash only. No iron, only steam and brushing.

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