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Chiaroscuro. Handwoven and -dyed scarf in shades of grey.

The scarf is asymmetric in block design, featuring a hand picked design. The scarf starts in black, through smoke into a mist grey. The three merino wools tone with the variegated virgin wool warp. The wool is hand dyed.

Merino wool comes from our Merino sheep and is renowned for its exceptional properties: its fantastic softness, durability, cooling/heating and breathability. The fibres of Merino are softer, finer and more sensitive than many other fibres – the main difference to other wools.

Lambswool is taken from the first shearing of a sheep, usually when it’s around 7 months old. The fibres are usually no longer than 50mm which makes them very fine and very soft. Because it’s the first shearing, lambswool is produced in much smaller numbers which makes it more expensive than a lot of other wools.

The scarf drapes well, is extremely soft and warm. Has a squishy feel to it.

The scarf has been washed and dried, then pressed.

Dimensions: width 12 1/2″ – 32cm // length w/o fringe 70″ – 178cm // fringe 4 1/2″ – 11.5cm.

Materials: NZ merino on lambswool. Hand twisted fringe. Hand wash only.

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