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Brightness of Air. Handwoven elegant beaded scarf in a colourful gradient.

From magenta through orange and purple, asymmetrical in placement. The scarf features beadwork at each end and an open weave. Though the piece looks fragile, it has strength in the woven segments.

Can be worn tied in a French knot, traditional tie, or wrapped around your shoulders.

The scarf drapes very well, and is soft. This would lovely secured with a brooch or pin over a black shirt or turtleneck.

Cotton is a natural fibre that is soft, breathable and absorbent. Cotton can be cool, yet offer warmth, is strong, and can stand up against abrasion wear and high temperature. In one word, cotton is comfortable.

The scarf has been hand washed and dried, then pressed.

Dimensions: width 11 1/2″ – 29cm // length w/o fringe 66 1/2″ – 168cm // fringe 4″ – 10cm.

Materials: 100% fine cotton. Hand twisted fringe with beadwork. Hand wash only.

The scarf was accepted in to the 2023 Creative Fibre National Exhibition.

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