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Peruvian Stripes. Handwoven elegant cape in super soft possum merino and silk mohair. Muted colours in gradient stripes.

This cape is truly one-of-a-kind as the combination of all of the muted gradient stripes cannot be repeated.

The base of the cape is hand dyed NZ possum merino in numerous gradient tones. This is an incredibly soft, elegant, high quality wool and one of our luxury fibres.

The cape was woven with silk mohair in a muted green tone.

The cape rests on your shoulders as a casual coat, but can also be worn thrown over one side as a wrap. It can also be worn belted in a boho look. Perfect for an evening out, or snuggling on the sofa or deck.

The middle back seam has been folded in way to give the back additional warmth. The seam has been hand finished for a neat professional look and to avoid loosening.

The cape has been hand washed and brushed, and steam pressed.

Materials: Silk mohair on NZ possum merino. Hand twisted fringe. Hand wash only. No iron. Brush when wet, let dry, brush, steam finish.


This one-off piece is Work 221. I never weave the same cloth or item twice. Every piece is unique and numbered, every creation has a story to tell.

The Possum Merino I use has been farmed, processed, milled and spun in the South Island of NZ. The Possum fur is trapped on the Banks Peninsula and is hand plucked. This is the highest quality undyed base yarn I can buy in NZ. Merino wool comes from our Merino sheep and is renowned for its exceptional properties: its fantastic softness, durability, cooling/heating and breathability. The fibres of Merino are softer, finer and more sensitive than many other fibres – the main difference to other wools. Possum fibre is 55% warmer than merino fibre, the combination produces a garment with a high warmth to weight ratio. Warmer than cashmere. This wool has 20% possum, making it lightweight and suitable for wear both inside and out.

Silk mohair is like wearing a cloud, and the combination with the merino makes for an absolutely super soft garment.

Dimensions: width 25″ – 63.5cm // length w/o fringe 93″ – 236cm // fringe 4 1/2″ – 11cm. // Neck to back hem 26″ – 66cm.

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