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Chromatic Ocean. Handwoven scarf in all the underwater tones.

The luxury softness of hand dyed silk on a fine lambswool base. All the blues and teals across a gradient.

The base of the scarf is a multitude of gradient dyed blue, green and yellow tones in lambswool. All of the individual tones create a gradient across the width of the scarf.

The scarf is woven in silk hand dyed in teal. The silk offers an incredibly luxurious feel and a radiant shimmer to the cloth.

The scarf drapes extremely well, and is very soft. This would lovely draped over your shoulders or secured with a brooch or pin. Can be worn tied in a French knot, traditional tie, or wrapped around your shoulders.

The scarf has been hand washed and dried, then pressed.

Materials: Silk and lambswool. Hand twisted fringe. Hand wash only. Brooch sold separately.


This one-off piece is Work 184. I never weave the same cloth or item twice. Every piece is unique and numbered, every creation has a story to tell.

Made popular in China thousands of years ago for its luxurious quality, mulberry silk comes from the Morus Alba tree. Mulberry silk is made from the cocoon of the Bombyx mori moth. Before metamorphosis, the caterpillar feeds exclusively on the white mulberry leaf—this is one of the reasons why this silk is known for its second-to-none quality.

Lambswool is taken from the first shearing of a sheep, usually when it’s around 7 months old. The fibres are usually no longer than 50mm which makes them very fine and very soft. Because it’s the first shearing, lambswool is produced in much smaller numbers which makes it more expensive than a lot of other wools.

Dimensions: width 12 1/2″ – 32cm // length w/o fringe 68 1/2″ – 174cm // fringe 4 1/2″ – 12cm.

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