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Lavandula. Lavender and greys in complex multi-faceted diamond designs.

The towels available are numbered on their photos.

Nr 41: Grey borders surround lavender diamonds.
Nr 42 – sold: Complex block design in greys with one block in lavender.
Nr 43 – sold: Giant oversized grey diamond.
Nr 44 – sold: Grey borders surround large lavender diamonds with a tricolour striping.
Nr 45 – sold: Grey borders surround small lavender diamonds with a tricolour striping.

Once you start using handwoven towels you won’t want to use anything else. They are very soft, very absorbent, and little workhorses. You can wash them in the machine, hang them up to dry.
Towels are wee panels of weaving art. Every tea towel I weave is unique and one of a kind. Even coming off a warp of perhaps 8 towels, each individual towel will be different. No twins, just siblings.
Towels cannot be the same length as they are woven individually according to pattern and design, and not according to size.
All of my towels are handwoven on my 8 shaft floor loom, using Brassard cotton from Canada.

Each towel has been pre-washed in the machine, ironed and hand hemmed.

Materials: 100% Brassard cotton. Machine wash warm, line dry. Hot iron if desired.

The cotton I buy is from Maurice Brassard in Qu├ębec. This is one of the world’s finest cotton spun yarns.


I send out a newsletter to tea towel aficionados every time new towels are available (absolutely no pressure to purchase). Please let me know if you would like to be on the list:

Shipping note outside NZ: The price quoted and that you pay will most likely be too high. I will reimburse the overpaid amount as soon as I ship your item. This is because the shipping is calculated for wool shawls and not lighter cotton tea towels.


W161-41, W161-42, W161-43, W161-44, W161-45