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River Stones. Handwoven and -dyed scarf in shades of green and brown with silky highlights in teal and bronze.

The scarf is woven in two shades of tencel: teal green and bronze. The two colours of tencel offer a sheen and pearlescence to the variegated virgin wool warp. Skips of tencel grace the surface of the hand dyed wool.

The scarf drapes well, is very soft and warm. Can be worn tied in a French knot, traditional tie, or wrapped around your shoulders.

The scarf has been hand washed and dried, then pressed.

Materials: Lambswool and fine tencel. Hand twisted fringe. Hand wash only.

This one-off piece is Work 130. I never weave the same cloth or item twice. Every piece is unique and numbered, every creation has a story to tell.

Dimensions: width 12 1/2″ – 32cm // length w/o fringe 62″ – 157cm // fringe 5″ – 13cm.

Lambswool is taken from the first shearing of a sheep, usually when it’s around 7 months old. The fibres are usually no longer than 50mm which makes them very fine and very soft. Because it’s the first shearing, lambswool is produced in much smaller numbers which makes it more expensive than a lot of other wools.

Tencel is a brand name for a few types of sustainable fabric made from wood pulp. A high-end material, it is well regarded for being soft and durable and is often described as a poor man’s silk. Combined with fine wool, it feels ultra-light, silky, and luxurious.

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