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The Dart Room. Handwoven wrap inspired by a friend’s lounge complete with dart board! Woven using unit substitution which creates a profiled surface cloth with depth. The cape is squishy to the touch.

The base of the cloth is hand dyed NZ merino in baby blue and mauve, as well as a sun dyed variegated border yarn. Different twill treadlings and tie ups create a gorgeous pattern in forest green, woven in a luxurious merino yak blend from Ireland, hand dyed – a very special yarn.

This original design poncho cape is versatile – and warm. The opening can be worn front and center, or off to one side. On very windy days you can use a brooch to bring the neck opening closer to your body. This looks especially nice when worn to the side. It can also be belted across the front for a boho style look.

Great wrap to guard against wind and cold. It has weight and can be worn outdoors pedaling your bike or on a walk, or on the sofa watching Netflix. Also a perfect companion for sitting on the veranda in the evening or morning, drinking coffee or sipping wine coolers!

The seam edges have been hand stitched to avoid loosening. The neck opening has been turned and fell stitched to create a nice rounded neckline.

The poncho cape is super squishy soft and drapey, and will offer warm comfort to the wearer.  It has been hand washed and dried, then pressed.

Materials: 100% NZ merino base, hand dyed. 60% Merino, 20% Yak, 20% Linen pattern. Hand twisted fringe. Hand wash only.

This one-off piece is Work 127. I never weave the same cloth or item twice. Every piece is unique and numbered, every creation has a story to tell.

Merino wool comes from our Merino sheep and is renowned for its exceptional properties: its fantastic softness, durability, cooling/heating and breathability. The fibres of Merino are softer, finer and more sensitive than many other fibres – the main difference to other wools.

The Irish blend is a mixture of merino, chosen for that instantly recognisable soft and squishy base, yak and linen. Yak is a dream fibre that adds a level of silkiness to any cloth. Linen adds a rustic charm to this unique blend. Its strength and durability allow the cloth to hold its structure and be soft yet hard-wearing. It also creates those natural flecks and reduces pilling.  Linen also has deep connections with the Irish culture.

Dimensions: neck opening 13″ folded // length neck to back edge 25″ – 64cm // width 26 1/2″ – 67cm // length w/o fringe 71 1/2″ – 181cm // fringe 3″ – 8cm. Belt not included.

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