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Fairy Moss. Handwoven elegant scarf in super soft possum and silk mohair.

The base of the scarf is a hand dyed heathered sea green NZ possum/merino. This is an incredibly soft, elegant, high quality wool and one of our luxury fibres.

Possum fibre is 55% warmer than merino fibre, the combination produces a garment with a high warmth to weight ratio. Warmer than cashmere. This wool has 20% possum, making it lightweight and suitable for wear both inside and out.

The silk mohair used to weave the scarf was hand dyed in shades of green, with specks of pink and brown.

Silk mohair is like wearing a cloud, and the combination with the luxury fibre possum makes for an absolutely super soft garment. Both fibres have a fuzzy halo – so the combination is heavenly.

Can be cross shoulder wrapped as a shawl and statement look, worn tied in a French knot or traditional tie.

The scarf has been hand washed and brushed, and steam pressed.

Dimensions: width 13 1/2″ – 34cm // length w/o fringe 68 1/2″ – 174cm // fringe 4″ – 11cm.

Materials: Silk mohair on Possum NZ merino. Hand twisted fringe. Hand wash only. No iron. Brush when wet, let dry, brush, steam finish.

Brooch not included.

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