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This is the most important pressing tool after your iron. They are purposely affordably priced so that everyone can take advantage of using one. I use these myself and have quite a few under my station.

The tailor’s clapper is pressed down on a seam or edge after pressing. It absorbs the steam off the cloth, creating a crisp edge. Indispensable when working with woolens (coats, slacks) and very handy for shirts in linen and jeans!

These are handmade by Mr. Glammy following my wish design. They are one width along the entire clapper so that you can work with seams.

He uses recycled woods. They have rounded edges and are hand sanded. Not stained or treated – best for your fabric.

The best part are the grooves running the length of each side. You can easily grasp the clapper – important when you need to place quickly.

Stylised with brass pins on each side. So you know it’s yours!

Dimensions: ca. 8″ long x 2″ wide x 1″ high.

Materials: Recycled pine.